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  • Construction Group Hancheng Branch creates a high-quality project - Shaanxi Construction Machinery Hubei Pangyuan Project Construction Notes
    Release Time:2023-08-24      Author:Shaanxi Coal Group      Pageviews:1480

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    "Our construction group Hancheng branch has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of 'cohesion, good construction and diligence', and adhered to the business philosophy of 'seeking development with professionalism and winning the future with service'. We insist on promoting safety and quality control in the construction of projects, achieving full coverage of responsibilities, no blind areas in management, and contributing to the development of local industries. While strictly controlling the safety and quality of construction, we will increase the investment in civilized construction and strive to submit a satisfactory answer sheet for the owner as soon as possible! The project was awarded the title of "Civilized Construction Red Flag Construction Site" in June, which was the sonorous answer of Geng Zhengang, manager of the civil engineering 13th project department of Shaanxi Coal Construction Hancheng Company which undertook the construction of the Shaanxi Construction Machinery Hubei Pangyuan Project, in an interview with Hubei Satellite TV.

    Deeply cultivate the market expansion territory

    This is the first cooperation between Pangyuan Machinery and Hancheng Branch of Construction Group, which highlights the great affirmation of Pang Yuan Machinery for the company's work, fires the "first shot" for the company to stand firm in the Hubei market, promotes the Wuhan Rail Transit Industry Innovation Base planned by Hubei to be born. The rail transit "Made in Wuhan" was comprehensively accelerated.

    The project is an EPC general contracting project, located in Qianchuan Rail Transit Industrial Park, Huangpi District, Wuhan, which is generally divided into four parts: factory front area, production area, public supporting area and related open-air commissioning field, with a total land area of about 66,600 square meters. This project is the company's first project in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The company's leaders attach great importance to the project. They take the project as a "bridge" to open up the Hubei market. In the bidding stage, the company's leaders led the team and functional departments to Wuhan for field inspection, and carefully selected experienced civil engineering 13 project department into Hubei construction. The project department takes the whole process control as the purpose, takes checklist management as the method, establishes and improves the quality management system, actively promotes the "five standardizations" of construction, strengthens the quality process control, attaches importance to the control of key processes and special processes, implements project quality improvement actions, and promotes project quality work in a planned and focused manner.

    Fine management creates high-quality products

    Since the start of construction, the project department has firmly established the concept of "life and safety", strengthened the awareness of red lines, adhered to bottom-line thinking, increased the management of dual prevention mechanisms and hided danger investigation and governance, continuously strengthened the quality control of the project construction link, implemented the detailed on-site self-inspection, mutual inspection, and upper and lower process handover system, and strived to achieve full coverage of responsibility and no blind areas in supervision. In the process of project construction, the company's production technology department strictly reviewed the project's construction organization design, program approval, safety technology disclosure, etc., grasped each process and details of construction, and jointly with the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection to take the "online + offline" approach to the engineering quality of the project site, civilized construction, site coverage, anti-" three violations "and other aspects of a comprehensive investigation. The project department implement the person responsible for rectification of hidden dangers and the rectification period, regularly review hidden dangers, and eliminate hidden safety and quality hazards.

    When encountering problems in construction, the project manager can communicate and coordinate with Party A and the supervision unit in a timely manner to determine the solution measures, and at the same time formulate detailed construction organization design, optimize the working surface, increase construction strength and other measures to accelerate the construction progress with the project department management personnel. In the construction process of the comprehensive building, the hall is a high-support mold area, the height of 9.19m, which is belongs to the super dangerous large project. The project department prepares and approves the special construction plan. After the approval of the production technology department of the company, experts are organized in the territory to demonstrate. The construction personnel are disclosed. Safety and technology are disclosed. The professional subcontracting team is selected. The management is strengthened throughout the process, and the implementation is strictly in accordance with the special plan. The project department adopts the node control method to manage the construction progress according to the actual construction conditions, forms circular control by ensuring the implementation of the construction progress as planned and strives to complete it ahead of schedule.

    If you want to get off to a good start, project planning is the key. According to the civilized construction site standards of the construction site and the "Code for the Use of Construction Site Signs" of Shaanxi Coal Construction, the project department reasonably planned the layout of the construction site, beautified the construction site environment, and correctly used the signs, which improved the production appearance of construction enterprises, established a good corporate image, and enhanced the sense of responsibility and belonging of employees. Through a series of measures such as on-site fencing and closure management, hardening, covering, spraying, vehicle flushing, and increasing the investment in fog cannon equipment, the 6 100% relevant requirements for dust control have been met. The implementation is effectively in place without leaving dead ends.

    Full of confidence to stand firm in the market

    The company optimized the project management method, reasonably formulated the project management system, scientifically arranged the construction plan, coordinated the construction period. In order to ensure the smooth realization of the project node, the project team opened the "desperate three lang" working mode. In the daily construction, "white and black" closely focus on the basic construction of each project. Late-night discussion of research project control points has become the normal work of the project team. All employees work overtime and stick to their posts. To ensure that the project is performed on schedule, now the main structure, decoration and decoration of five individual projects, outdoor projects have been completed.

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